Toyota Fortuner dropped hundreds of millions before the pursuits of Ford Everest and Hyundai Santa Fe

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Once associated with the price tag and sold with accessories “beer with peanuts” to nearly 200 million, Toyota Fortuner now has the opposite fate. Not only selling at the listed price, the dealer also offers cash incentives for this model with over 100 million VND. The actual amount that the buyer must pay is just over VND 900 million, while the starting price of this model is VND 1,033 billion.

“I have just taken the Fortuner a 100 million reduction in manual transmission. The dealer offered an additional 10 million coupon for 110 million oil. Rolling on just over 1 billion,” said a car buyer in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM shared in a group of Toyota Fortuner users on social networks.

Explaining such a large reduction, a sales consultant said that because the genuine company supported 50% of registration fee (equivalent to VND 54-60 million), the agent continued to reduce it further to sell the car. . The amount of car in stock is still high. The dealer is currently reducing 90 million VND for the Fortuner 2.4 4x2 MT version and 70 million VND for the Fortuner 2.4 4x2 AT version and giving an additional 10 million VND fuel slip.

Thus, buying Fortuner cars at this time, Vietnamese customers save hundreds of millions compared to the first phase of the year. New car prices plummeted, the old car prices on the market fell as a result.

Toyota Fortuner began to move from Indonesian imports to local assembly (depending on version) from June 2019. Abundant supply, cool car prices. After the time of moving to assembling, Fortuner is discounted by several tens of million dong at the dealer, which is reported to be 20-40 million VND depending on the version and depending on the place of sale. By this time, that number has risen to hundreds of millions.

The rival of Toyota Fortuner is Ford Everest. Although Fortuner is still the “king” of selling D-segment SUV segment, Everest is showing good resilience with strong chasing sales. In August 2019, Toyota sold 639 Fortuners, while Ford sold 596 Everest. This is also the first time Everest has followed Fortuner.

Hyundai Santa Fe is also an SUV model with a price range of over VND 1 billion. Sales of this model in August 2019 reached 616 units, losing only 23 units compared to Fortuner.