The million dollar car owns 20 layers of base paint, 5 times thicker than Rolls-Royce cars

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Recently, the million dollar car line of Koenigsegg was present in New York City where Larry Kosilla had the opportunity to meet. One of the most famous car care and decoration houses in the world, of course he does not want to miss the opportunity to “trim” Jesko at Manhattan Motor Cars event.

While caring for the Swedish supercar, Kosilla realized an incredible fact about the paint on Jesko. He admits that this is the most special paint that he has ever witnessed in his life despite having passed many famous super products and everything has its cause.

At first, Jesko had 20 layers of base paint! Add a layer of pearl white paint, a layer of Champagne red, 3 coats of gray / blue / green light and 9 (!) Outer coat to help optimize the clarity and brightness of the car surface. In some areas, the paint on Jesko is … 5 times thicker than a Rolls-Royce.

The video posted by Kosilla also provides a few extremely helpful guidelines for car owners who want to get close or maintain and maintain properly without damaging the paint. One of the simplest but most overlooked tips is to always make sure to use lubricants when washing or drying your car to minimize the amount of friction that can damage paint.