The life of the daughter of a car merchant boss in Saigon and the rich hot girl

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Thao Tien (SN 1997) is the daughter of the famous business couple Johnathan Hanh Nguyen and Thuy Tien (husband-in-law actor Tang Thanh Ha).

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Coming from a wealthy, second-class family in Vietnam, Thao Tien is on the list of million-dollar inheritance girls next to Tieu Giang, Anh Sa …

With a great family background and beautiful beauty, Thao Tien has attracted attention in the Association of Vietnamese Rich Children. Currently she is studying abroad in England.

Like her mother, Thao Tien has an endless passion for fashion. She appeared at international fashion weeks as a guest.

Each bag, accessory or outfit she wears is priced at several thousand dollars or more.

On Facebook and Instagram, Thao Tien regularly updates her luxurious life, traveling around the world.

Tieu Giang girl (SN 1993) - daughter of the famous rich car dealer in Ho Chi Minh City. After graduating from university in Singapore, Tieu Giang moved to the US to settle down and get married.

Tieu Giang’s husband is a successful businessman who owns real estate in the US and Vietnam.

After his father, Tieu Giang joined the supercar trade. That explains why she often appears next to the supercar family, with the car up to tens of billion. Tieu Giang himself has a passion for speed.

In addition, this girl is in beauty and health care business. This field gives Tieu Giang a huge income.

Tieu Giang is particularly fond of photography, every time she travels to experience, she takes care of the image quite carefully, capturing every moment of her youth.