Land Rover Defender details of new Defender family leaked

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Vital statistics of Jaguar Land Rover’s all-new Defender family have been leaked online. The big news is that there will be three versions of the new Defender. The first two versions – the 90 and 110 – will be launched for the 2020 model year.

What appears to be a series of screen slides, detailing the three-model Slovakian-built Defender family, the engine line-up as well as the trim and options have been covertly photographed and uploaded to Land Rover enthusiast forum It’s not known where the leak took place, but it appears to be an internal JLR briefing.Like all future JLR models, the Defender family is based on the new aluminium MLB platform, which can be engineered as a conventional mild hybrid, a plug-in hybrid and a pure EV version.

There’s no detail as to whether all Defenders will be mild hybrids as standard and just one plug-in hybrid will be offered in 2020 and 2021.

The Defender 90 is described in the slides as the “halo image icon” of the Defender family and is aimed at “the young, affluent fun seekers”. The shortest Defender will be available in five and six-seat options, which suggests that a three-abreast front seat is possible.

The 90 is also a surprisingly compact machine, measuring just 4.323m long. It is marginally the tallest of the three versions, at 1.927m. The wheelbase measures just 2.587m. All three Defenders are the same width at 1.999m, though there’s no detail on whether this is measured across the mirrors.

Also on sale in 2020 will be the new Defender 110. Land Rover describes this as the “definitive” model in the family. It will be available in five, six and seven-seat forms. It’s aimed at “couples, the self-employed and adventurers”. The 110 is 4.758m long and has a longer 3.022m wheelbase, and is a tad lower at 1.916m.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is the Defender 130, which is destined for launch in 2022 and so unlikely to be seen testing until the very end of 2019.